March 31, 2023

Mike Tyson, 56, in good spirits while out for dinner with woman after struggling to walk or talk due to health battle

The former boxer, 56, has suffered with health issues in recent months but looked fighting fit as he went out for dinner in the Big Apple.Tyson was accompanied by a female friend as he walked into luxury Indian restaurant SONA in the Flatiron District.


The restaurant offers private dining and boasts an art gallery as well as a menu that includes crab caviar and mouthwatering lamb chops at an eyewatering £56.

So it was little surprise Tyson beamed from ear to ear as he walked into the establishment wearing a blue leather jacket.


Iron Mike also wore a blue striped T-shirt, jeans and white trainers, while his friend wore a black crop top and matching trousers with a long black and white cardigan.


Tyson was also able to walk without assistance from a stick, which he has used in recent weeks to support himself.


The former heavyweight world champion revealed he is suffering from sciatica and a flare-up of the condition causes pain that prevents him from walking unaided.


Tyson also had to use a wheelchair as he made his way through an airport terminal last month.

In a recent interview Tyson explained the health problem and the issues it causes.


He said: “I have sciatica every now and then, it flares up. When it flares up, I can’t even talk! Thank God it’s the only health problem I have. I’m splendid now.


“Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for whatever we have.”


Sciatica is a condition that causes nerve irritation and seems to be affecting Tyson’s back.

Tyson retired from boxing in 2005 due to a back issue, while he also struggled with a knee injury late in his career.


Despite the issue Tyson returned to the ring in 2020 to fight Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout.

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